A Patient's Guide to Clinical Trials

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

At Gen1 Research, creating a positive patient experience is always the goal. Every study is carried out with a mission, first and foremost, to improve lives. Those who volunteer for our trials work closely with experts that are not only experienced but compassionate. In the process, patients become active participants in their health. The following is a concise guide for patients who want to know more about being in a clinical trial.

Initial steps: Finding your perfect match

To ensure a trial is a proper fit for someone’s needs, we set prerequisites for every study. Requirements for our participants depend on what is being tested. For instance, sometimes, it’s essential a volunteer has a specific blood type or is currently taking medication. Ultimately, the prerequisites are in place, so your time is used effectively.

Gen1’s fast-growing network of over 50 multi-specialty physicians means we are reaching more people and making treatment more accessible. When care is easier to access, awareness grows.

Work with your physician

The majority of Gen1 clinical trials take place in the participant’s established physician office. This setting lays the foundation of a comfortable trial experience. Gen1 always provides end-to-end trial management so your doctor can focus on providing you care.

Cutting-edge treatment, free of cost

Participating in a Gen1 clinical trial is free of charge.

Trial length

The length of a clinical trial varies. That being said, Gen1 participants are always notified of the study’s duration before they officially enroll. Another indicator of time is what phase the trial is in. Learn more about the clinical trial phases here.

Why should you participate?

Reasons for participating in a clinical trial are as varied and unique as our patients. Some choose to volunteer because their current treatment isn’t working. Others might be curious about other treatment options. By joining a clinical trial today, you can help future patients tomorrow.

The future of medicine depends on clinical studies, and Gen1 is here to make conducting them simple. Gen1 Research is a fully embedded clinical research network that handles every aspect of a trial, allowing doctors to do what they do best: help their patients. Our network of medical professionals and prospective trial participants is a continually expanding entity, allowing us to find the ideal individuals for every study imaginable. Clinical trials are uniquely powerful in advancing medicine, and we dedicate ourselves to unlocking their full potential every day. Contact us today to get started.

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