Three Reasons to Have a CRC On-Site

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The clinical research coordinator is the backbone of a clinical study. Managing day-to-day administrative tasks, overseeing regulatory compliance, putting together a comprehensive budget, and helping grow the clinical research network are only a few of the CRC’s responsibilities.

The success of any trial is highly reliant on the clinical research coordinator. Here are three reasons why Gen1 Research clinical trials always have at least one CRC on-site:

1) To foster relationships with patients

As the "face" of a clinical trial, the CRC is a reliable point-of-contact for participating patients. During a study, it is the research coordinator that guides the participants through a variety of medical tests, while answering all questions and addressing any concerns.

Before formalizing the informed consent, a CRC ensures the patient has a thorough understanding of the study. By establishing this level of trust at the beginning of a trial, the CRC can positively influence patient retention for the entire study.

One could say the CRC is just as involved in a trial as a physician is. By having a CRC on site for the duration of trial, the patient’s experience can be a comfortable one.

2) To maintain organization at every step of the trial

There are severe consequences to a disorganized clinical trial. Loss of sponsorship, probation, and termination can occur when management falls to the wayside. However, when clinical research coordinators are on-site, they can proactively avoid such pitfalls.

Gen1CRCs are responsible for making sure the clinical trial starts on time, thus avoiding any financial difficulties that come from delaying studies. Our CRCs are trained to do the following promptly: set up the trial space, recruit patients, and screen the potential participants for eligibility. During the trial, Gen1 clinical research coordinators collect and input all incoming data from various sources.

A CRC’s physical presence on-site is crucial to keep a study running smoothly.

3) To help the physician

With a full-time clinical research coordinator at hand, doctors can focus on patient care.

At Gen1, our CRCs bring the clinical trial to the physician's office, so they can grow their practice without leaving their practice. With years of experience working in clinical and research settings, our clinical research coordinators understand that a doctor's time is valuable. That's why we streamline the clinical trial experience and do so without compromising quality or care.

Gen1 clinical research coordinators work closely with our sponsors, doctors, and patients, and wholeheartedly advocate for each party. Our CRCs are capable, caring, and committed to helping you find long-lasting solutions.

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