How to Ensure the Patient is at the Center of Your Clinical Trial

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

It is an exciting time to be involved in medical research. Today’s health care market is providing us with more information, better treatment options, and even a sense of community.

At Gen1, we believe clinical trials should prioritize patient engagement. By approaching research this way, trials attract more participants, increase patient-retention rates, and result in more successful treatments.

The following action points help lay the groundwork for a patient-focused clinical trial.

Find out what factors may be deterring people from participating

From financial reasons to transportation difficulties, there are so many realities that can hinder and discourage someone from participating in a clinical trial. Researches should tackle these obstacles head-on by asking potential patients directly. From there, you can figure out how to make participation easier. Find ways to provide transportation or reimbursement for travel. Understanding the patient’s day-to-day life is essential.

Involve your clinical research coordinators at every stage of the process

At Gen1, we ensure that every one of our trials has at least one full-time clinical research coordinator on-site. The CRC is a trusted ally. Participating in a clinical trial, especially for the first time, can be intimidating. With a clinical research coordinator always on-site, patients can feel more at ease. A CRC can and should advocate for the patient.

Keep in touch with patients after the clinical trial

So often, patients leave clinical trials uncertain what the outcome was. If you are unable to provide participants with study results, think of other, creative ways to keep in contact with them. This can also help motivate people to participate in a later clinical trial.

It is an enormous service to choose to participate in a clinical trial. We should continually assess how we can better show up for our patients.

The future of medicine depends on clinical studies, and Gen1 is here to make conducting them simple. Gen1 Research is a fully embedded clinical research network that handles every aspect of a trial, allowing doctors to do what they do best: help their patients. Our network of medical professionals and prospective trial participants is a continually expanding entity, allowing us to find the ideal individuals for every study imaginable. Clinical trials are uniquely powerful in advancing medicine, and we dedicate ourselves to unlocking their full potential every day. Contact us today to get started on your next trial.

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