5 Ways Clinical Research Can Help You and Your Practice

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Conducting clinical trials in one’s private practice—as opposed to hospitals or universities—has become more routine in clinical research. This trend lets patients feel more comfortable and benefits physicians as well. Here's how:

1: Advancing careers

Clinical trials are incredible opportunities for refining and building one’s medical skillset, and are known to “add prestige to physicians’ practice or institution.” On top of that, participating doctors are often “benefited by satisfying intellectual curiosity” as well as “increasing research provisions.” Research allows doctors to move forward in their field and master new skills.

2: Supplementing income

Doctors that take part in clinical trials are often compensated for their work, benefitting their practices and health care organizations at large. By playing a role in clinical trials, doctors “attract funds and resources” which leads to health care organizations “retain[ing] their talents, knowledge, and skills in a competitive global economy.” The economic benefits of clinical research are extensive.

3: Mentoring

Clinical research offers doctors opportunities to mentor. From junior doctors to CRCs, clinical trials surround physicians with qualified individuals that are eager to learn from them.

4: Exposure to cutting-edge treatments

By taking part in clinical research, physicians become more knowledgeable about new treatments. Such knowledge is valuable beyond the timeline of a clinical trial, allowing doctors to treat all their patients with a newfound, more in-depth understanding of their health and lives.

5: Medical advancement

Clinical research gives way to breakthroughs. Doctors that partake in research are improving treatment for tomorrow’s patient in a big way.

At Gen1, we want to see more doctors getting involved with research. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, for this to happen, “organizational and operational infrastructures need to be strengthened.” Gen1 Research’s network of medical professionals and trial participants is doing just that.

Gen1 is a fully embedded clinical research network that handles every aspect of a trial, allowing doctors to do what they do best: help their patients. Clinical trials are uniquely powerful in advancing medicine, and we dedicate ourselves to unlocking their full potential every day. Contact us today to get started.

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